About us

We make plant-based cheese because dairy-based cheese is bad for the environment and bad for animals. Check out our blog post to learn more about our reasons.

When we switched to a plant-based diet, the thing we missed most was great tasting cheese. We started experimenting, and soon found out that we can make a plant-based cheese that's better than what is available from other producers, and most importantly, tastes and feels like the real thing.

Plant-based cheese is real cheese. Instead of feeding the plants to animals and then stealing their milk to make cheese, we just do it directly from the plants. It has similar nutritional values, and is even healthier for you.

Yeti cheee is made from high-quality organic soy grown in Germany. We only use organic ingredients and avoid any artificial additives.

We're based in Berlin, Germany, and we'll launch our cheese to restaurants and consumers in this area initially. We're currently two people: Dorena and Can.

Our plant-based Yeti cheese will be available to order soon. Leave your email below and we'll let you know when it's ready. (No newsletters or other shenanigans)